Luminous Zelio Inverter indicators meaning

LUMINOUS ZELIO + Sine Wave UPS provides grid quality back – up power to the load and home appliances when there is a power failure . Normally , the UPS operates on mains , delivering power to the load . When the mains power fails , the load automatically transfers to UPS . The load is automatically transferred back to mains when it restores and charging is commenced to keep the battery at optimal level. Luminous Zelio Inverter indicators meaning. The Zelio + is equipped with a number of outstanding features such as :

  • Provides grid quality sine wave
  • Intelligent back – up and battery management system
  • Automatically learns the battery capacity ( Charge & Discharge cycle )
  • Highly efficient and equipped with in – built protections .


This section describes the front panel and back panel of the UPS . Front Panel : It contains the LCD display and power switch.

1. LCD Display : It displays & indicates the various status of the UPS.

2. Power switch : This switch is for output power ON / OFF. If the switch is OFF , the UPS will not work . If the switch is ON, UPS will work ( power LED will glow indicating UPS ON ).

Display and Visual Indications (indicators meaning) :

1. Mains ON : Glows when mains input is available. When mains input is available , then the respective symbol will glow

2. Mode Selector : Displays the UPS status on ECO mode. When UPS is working in ECO mode , this symbol will glow.

3. Fault Indicator : Glows in case of any fault. When any fault is there , this symbol will glow.

4. Water Level Indicator : Glows when water level in battery is low. When water level of the battery is low , this symbol will glow i.e. it is the time to fill D.M. water in battery . Water level indication enables after 1 min of sensing . It does not work when SMF battery is selected . ( Glows when water level sensor is connected ).

5. Battery Charge Indicator : Displays the battery charge level. It shows the different level of battery charge status . As per battery charge level , the bar strength increases or decreases . Bar rolls down intermittently as per load applied .

6. Status Display : When battery is connected , the selected battery icon is shown for some time i.e. , TUB , FLA or SMF . Next , it displays the charge and dis – charge time i.e. , the remaining or backup time for charging & discharging respectively . ( Max time limit – 9Hrs 59Min ). Displays the following parameters : Battery charge and discharge time . ( in Hours & Minutes ).

For more information you can also download User Manual from this website.

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