Top 5 Inverter Company in India.

Top 5 Inverter Company in India. There are many best inverter for home available to buy, some of the top brands are listed below.

  • Luminous Home Pure Sinewave Inverter/UPS
  • Microtek Inverter/UPS
  • Livguard Inverter
  • Exide Inverter
  • Amaron Inverter

You Can chose any company inverter there all company inverter working is good and 2 years on side warranty is also available, If you buy for only Light, Fan then you go with Square wave inverter because it’s low price available and if you buy for TV, Computer, Other sensitive electronic device then you go with Sine Wave Inverter

But in My suggestion before Buy any Company Inverter you must check which Inverter company service available in your city and there are home service available or not.