Microtek Inverter CB trip problem


Today We are discus about Microtek Inverter CB Trip. Before we are start discus fast we understand.

What is mean CB trip? CB trip in Inverter meaning?

CB mening “Circuit Breaker”, when have you ever think what happens to your household devices, fan, washing machine, oven, fridge, and many more when a short circuit or overflow of current happens, these devices get burnt and lead to fire accidents if proper circuit breakers are not installed in the devices. Circuit Breaker is a safety accessory with an electro-mechanical mechanism of action.

CB (Circuit Breaker) relatively safe and it quickly restores the supply. CB – Circuit Breaker can be reset quickly and does not demand more maintenance cost. CB works on a bi-metal respective principle that protects against overload current and short circuit current etc.

When the current overflow occurs through CB – Circuit Breaker the bimetallic strip gets heated and deflects by bending. The deflection of the bi-metallic strip releases a latch. The latch causes the CB to turn off by stopping the current flow in the circuit. This process helps safeguard the appliances or devices from the hazards of overload or overcurrent. To restart the current flow you must be turned ON manually.

CB Trip Reset Button in Microtek Inverter

Microtek Inverter showing CB trip problem.

Microtek Inverter CB trip Problem Solution

How to fix CB trip in Microtek Inverter

You can solve this problem Press the “Output Press To Restart” button below image is there

Where is Fuse in Microtek Inverter?

If your Inverter don’t have CB switch then your inverter do not have any CB, So your inverter has a fuse you change the 10A AC glass fuse and your inverter is ok to run.

Important instruction : Before you restart or change the fuse you must check all connection

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