How can I take care of my inverter battery at home?

How can I take care of my inverter battery at home?

Inverters are having high demand in house hold than before. During unexpected power failures and other issues that cause power cuts, inverters are huge blessing especially during summer. Inorder to keep it working and to avoid any failure of battery, we need to take good care of inverter battery. Below given are some points to keep in mind to avoid any harm to the inveters:

Keep away from water dropping-Always keep the inverter battery away from any place that cause water leak or rain or any other source of water which can cause rust / corrosion to the battery and other parts.

Release battery periodically-If you haven’t used the inverter for a long time, make sure to release the battery inorder to avoid any failure to the battery

Cleaning battery terminals-Try to clean the battery terminals once in a while to avoid any build up of harmful substances over it

Proper inverter installation- Install the inverter in the proper place place like well ventilated, less access to water and also not easily accessible by kids.

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