How to Reset Luminous Zelio 1100

Luminous Zelio+ 1100/1700 & Luminous Zolt 1100/1700 Reset.

Before resetting the Inverter you have to see what is the problem with it. Like Display Showing ‘OLd’ Error (Overload), ‘btp’ Error ( Inverter Mains MCB Trip)
‘sct’ Error (Any Short Circuit), ‘Lbt’ Error ( Battery Low), ‘otp’ Error (Over Temperature). if all this error showing, i have already explained about it, so you can see that article

So if there is any fault in the inverter, sometimes out of it the inverter has to be reset. So you have to reset all those faults which i have show above that now you go and check. I have explained one by one, even then if you see all.

If you want to reset the Inverter then you have to press ON-OFF switch of the inverter( you Reset it by pressing the inverter ON-OFF switch) if blue color light is on means Inverter
switch is On.

I have also showing the image below. you can also do it by looking through the image. For More information visit our YouTube Channel “Electrical Learner“.

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