Luminous Eco Volt 850 backside setting

Luminous eco volt Inverter backside setting?

Battery Terminal : (+VE) POSITIVE BATTERY LEAD:- (+VE) : The positive end of the battery is connected to this lead . (-VE) NEGATIVE BATTERY LEAD:- (-VE) : The negative end of the battery is connected to this lead .

Battery Selector Mode : This Switch should be select as per battery type

Battery TypeSwitch Selection
Flat Plate 120-150AhFP
This is Battery Type and Selection

Battery Charging Selection: This Switch should be connected battery capacity. Please refer the below table for selection the switch battery capacity.

Eco Volt 850Eco Volt 1050/1650Charging Current
80Ah to 100Ah100Ah to 120AhL
120Ah to 135Ah120Ah to 150AhM
135Ah to 150Ah150Ah to 200AhH
Battery Charging Current Selection

UPS ECO Mode Selection:

  • Regulated UPS Mode (UPS Mode) : Normally Switch should be kept in this mode while computer has to be run as this will ensure regulated voltage input of 180V to 260V which is suitable for most of the computers . If the input voltage goes beyond this limit , UPS will run on battery and will restore its operation in Mains mode on restoration of normal Mains.
  • Unregulated UPS Mode (ECO Mode) : This mode can be used in case of computers having in – built regulation mechanism , or externally connected automatic voltage regulator to take care of wide input voltage fluctuation of 100V to 285V.

Output : OUTPUT SOCKET, this socket is provided for connecting the output of the UPS to the load.

AC Input : Mains LEAD, this is used to connect input AC supply ( the commercial supply ) to the UPS .

Fuse : Fuse is used for protecting the UPS in case a very high load is connected in MAINS mode . In case this circuit open breaker. ” Fuse” is available with 850 / 1050 / and MCB is available with 1650 .

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