Luminous Inverter error codes.

Luminous Zelio Inverter All types of error code.

  • Inverter Showing “Lbt” error in display it’s meaning your inverter battery is Low so that time inverter is not run in battery, so please wait when power is come it’s automatically run and charged your inverter battery.
  • Inverter Showing “btp” error in display and It’s not working with battery backup. The btp error code in inverters describes that the mains input MCB on the inverter is tripped so as to protect the device from a short circuit or lightening. During this error the inverter will be in OFF position. Remove any newly connected device or any existing electrical device that may have shorting and try to ON the MCB as well as the inverter. In some cases btp error may even lead to a board complaint if the MCB couldn’t protect the inverter.
  • Inverter Showing “Old” error in display and inverter is not working. The ‘old’ error come when inverter is overload ( Excess load in applied) so reduce some excess load and restart inverter, some cases “old” error may even lead to a inverter board complaint if the overload protection is not protect the board, so call luminous service care.
  • Inverter Showing “sct” error in display , ‘sct ‘ error come for any short Circuit so check wiring connections and restart inverter.
  • Inverter Showing “Cbl” error in display and it’s not working. Cbl code on your inverter is ‘check output cable’ indication. This is an error code for wrong output cable connection. If you find a Cbl code on your inverter display then you have to check the output cable connection. Don’t run your inverter with wrong or loose connections other wise inverter is damage.
  • Inverter Showing “otp” error in display, Inverter shows otp message with beep sound and it stopped working, after few minutes again it started working and again same problem started after 5-10 minutes. when inverter is Over Temperature (inverter is heated over range) that time come this problem please disconnect inverter for 15-20 minutes and connect again your problem is sloved. Buy All Types of electronic parts from ElectricsMart

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