Luminous Inverter “Lbt” Error

Luminous Zelio+ 1100/1700 or Zolt 1100/1700 Display Showing “Lbt” Error and Nothing is work in house.

What is “Lbt” Error Meaning?

If “Lbt” Showing in Luminous Inverter Display, it means that Your Inverter Battery is Discharged, then you wait a while after power comes it will be charged again automatically.

But you do not have to run the battery completely by running it again and if you have discharged your battery fully, then the inverter will not be able to charge your battery again when you have to
charge it by seeing external battery charger from outside. So if your battery is fully discharged then it is better that you keep the inverter switch off.

When power comes on then your inverter will be normal the output of inverter will also come and the inverter will also start charging the battery. Now you switch on the Inverter, if you do not switch on inverter
, then the inverter will not auto start after power loss.

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