Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Bypass Mode

Luminous Zelio+ 1100/1700 & Zolt 1100/1700 Bypass Mode Switch.

The biggest thing on this model is that it a Bypass Switch, if your inverter gets damaged or not working, then inverter output does not come, at that time, you can take the output of the inverter by keeping your inverter in Bypass mode. And your inverter will be directly connected to the mains and run load. This feature makes this inverter a
little different from other inverter.

Before Bypassing the inverter, you have to follow some steps and you should also pay attention to some things.

  • Fast Switch OFF the Inverter.
  • And confirm, there is no short circuit in your house.
  • So you must note that if your inverter is in bypass mode, then Inverter will be not able to charge the Battery so may be battery can be fully discharged, it is effect in Battery life. So now as soon as call Luminous Customer Care and try to get the inverter repair.

How to Bypass Inverter?

So the way to Bypass this Inverter is quite simple. If you look at the back side in the inverter, there will be a black color switch in the back side which will there
Norman Mode and Bypass. In normal condition this switch will be on the up side(Normal Mode), so if your inverter is bad then it will not run in normal mode then you just have to
switch down the inverter. Means if you want to do it on Bypass Mode then your Output will come from Mains without going through inverter and load will also run.

How dose one Bypass this, i have also given it’s image below.

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