Luminous Zelio 1100 Display not Working

Luminous Zelio+1100/1700 Inverter Display is not working!

So this Luminous inverter display gets damaged due to many resons, like inverter is not Installed in cool & dry place or Some time it also be the default of the manufacturing. If there is any manufacturing default in inverter so you can call Luminous Customer Care and make a warranty clam for it.

Sometimes what happens is the display of the inverter has low brightness , due to which we do not see anything in the display. If nothing is visible then if your inverter is in warranty then clam
warranty, Other wise change display. Sometimes the display does not shoe anything due to the loose connection of the inverter to the display wire. And even if you have truned off the switch of the inverter, then the display of your inverter is not visible (when battery fully charged).

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