Luminous zelio 1100 OTP error code

Luminous Zelio+1100/1700 and Zolt+1100/1700 showing “otp” error in display with beep sound and it’s stop working, and Inverter also Over heat! What is the Problem?

If Luminous Zelio or Zolt Model Inverter showing “otp” error in Display it’s meaning Inverter is ‘Over Heat’. Inverter That is happening when power is not there and when battery is charging. Inverter is running 10-15 minutes and After few minutes again same problem started.

This problem happening mainly two reasons fast Inverter Fan is not working that’s why inverter is not able to cool down, that case call Luminous Service Center.

And Second reasons Inverter is not keep in good place, Inverter should never keep in a closed place and near sun light, otherwise this problem will always come in Inverter, Inverter should keep cool, dry and open place.

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