UPS Not Working on Battery Mode

UPS Not Working on Battery Mode?

MY UPS Not Working on Battery?

I have 900VA Inverter with 150AH battery it’s working with AC but when AC power is Cut then Inverter is stop working what is the issue with my Inverter!!

What to do when your Inverter stops working?

First of all, take out the input and output of your inverter as well. Now you have to check the terminals of the battery and see if the terminals of the battery are clean or not?

Even if the battery terminals are clean, still the waiter is not working now. Then you’ve got the Genpact connector. Check it with the battery disconnected and that it is connected. Your inverter will not work if the inverter’s connector is not connected to the battery terminal. When there is power, it will work. But when the power goes out, the inverter will not work.

If the connector of the inverter is not connected with the terminal of the battery, then first connect it with a nute bold. But if your inverter’s connector is connected with the battery terminal. But then none of the inverter is working. Then check the switch on your inverter. By pressing a little it will switch off and on the inverter then the inverter will working.

If your inverter’s connector is also connected with the battery and your inverter’s switch is also fine, but still if your inverter is not working then you call your inverter’s customer care is fine and then your inverter’s Complement the look maybe your inverter is damaged on the inside of circuit board, then those people come and fix it in warranty.

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