Distilled Water for Battery

Why Use Distilled Water For Inverter Battery.

You probably have been searching for ways to enhance the life of your inverter batteries. Inverter battery initially contain Sulfuric acid but this acid become concenterated (pure form of any acid) with respect to time therefore we have to use distilled water in battery to dilute or neutralize the acid as it is deionized water (from which metal ions or other ions are removed ).now ques is why distilled water?…….it is because pure form of water contains all metal ions which will react to acid to make more and more acidity in the medium thus interefers with the electrodes and thus stops the charging.

When to add Distilled water in Inverter Battery?

There is an inverter battery water level indicator on top of batteries. Check for the indicator. There are multiple indicators, if any of the indicator water levels drops below the threshold limits you need to replenish the water in that container.

How can I fill distiller water in inverter battery?

Twist it anticlockwise to open the access to the containers. Use a funnel to fill it up to the top. Place the floater in its place and see if it crosses the red mark. If it does then you are good to go, if not then pour some more so as to fill it up. Place the floater and twist it clockwise to close the chamber. Repeat in the same way with all the chambers.

What happens when distilled water gets out of an inverter battery?

There is no distilled water in the inverter battery ( presume it is lead acid cell battery). The topping up is for loss of water content in the electrolyte which is dilute sulfuric acid. If you find during charging the acid comes out of vent holes check the acid level whether it is above the maximum level and if so drain out some quantity to ensure that it is in the mid range. Acid density required is between 1.15 to 1.3 checking with hydrometer. If you find it below below 1.15 addition of distilled water will make it worse. You can drain out and top it up with dilute sulfuric acid of density ~ 1.2 ( careful while handling acid for mixing and topping up since it is highly corrosive ). Better call battery service.

Where to buy distilled water for inverter batteries?

You can buy from “www.electricallrarner.in” if you are from Bangalore you can book also our home distilled water service only start from Rs-299/ for 1 Battery.

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