How Inverter Works

First, let’s understand what’s an Inverter?

Inverters are electrical devices that are accustomed convert DC (direct current) to an electricity AC (alternating current). At our homes, we get AC power supply, and because of of its properties it AC can’t be stored, hence we store DC power in a battery which comes with an inverter.
Still You confused on inverter or UPS working? How inverter works in home? How does an inverter work when there is no electricity? Does an inverter need a battery?

How Does an Inverter work in Cases of Power Cuts?

It is not the work of an inverter, but battery to store electricity. the most purpose of an inverter is to convert the AC power from power stations into DC power, and store it within the batteries. Why can’t you store this power within the available AC form? the solution to the present question is that batteries get charged only by DC power, and not by AC. Now to run different appliances, the DC power stored within the batteries is required to be converted to AC power. This task is performed by inverters.

What Does an Inverter Do When is no Power Cut?

Most people think that an inverter is merely operational when there are power cuts. On the contrary, an inverter could be a device that’s working continuously. How? as an example, there aren’t any power cuts and therefore the mains power supply is offered. In such case, an inverter uses this supply to charge its batteries, which may later be employed in case of power cuts. When the batteries are completely charged, the inverter no more gives supply to the batteries, and runs your appliances on a bypass mode. When not in use, batteries tend to discharge slowly. Again, inverter switches its role to charge them back.

What Does an Inverter Do When is Power Cut?

When there are power cuts, an inverter automatically switch itself from mains mode to the backup mode. during this changing mode, the inverter uses the battery to run different appliances. While the inverter switches its mode, the appliances that are running stop for few milliseconds. After a spot of few milliseconds, they on the rear up mode but some application are not stop run during change over. Now inverter provides power only to those appliances which are connected to inverter supply and remainder of the appliances till they get supply from Main line.

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