How To Calculate Amp Hours Of Battery?

How To Calculate Amp Hours Of A Battery? What is the formula to calculate battery? Battery AH Calculation ?

With all Batteries we best know Amp hours (AH) and Watt Hours (Wh). This will allow us to estimating how long will a battery run an (with help of Inverter) electric device or evaluate How many amp-hours do you need for running an electric device. That is Why we will look at how to calculate Amp Hours of a Battery.

How long will 150Ah battery run an appliance that requires 400W? Simpl 150Ah battery running on 12V has a battery capacity of 1800Wh. It will run a 1200W appliance for 3 hours !.

How To Calculate Ah of Inverter Battery?

The Battery AH Calculation is best example. Let say you want to power 200W electric device by using a Battery. Specifically you want this battery to run a 200W device for 6 hours. How many Amp hours Battery do you need?

First, you need to calculate How much electricity is needed to power such a device using this simple equation:

                                        Electricity Need = Total Watts × Time

In our example, we have:

  • We need run 200 Watt electronic device like 1 TV = 120 watt,
  • 1 Fan = 80 watt,
  • so total watt = 200 watt,
  • and we need to run 200 watt for 6 hour,
                                        Electricity Needed = 200W × 6h = So we need total 1200 Wh,

This means we need a battery that has an 1200 Wh capacity. Of course, most battery capacities are not expressed in Wh it’s mention in amp-hours (Ah). You will now need to convert Wh to Ah (you can use this calculator for easier conversion) like this:

                                     Amp-Hour (Ah) = What-Hour (Wh) / Battery Voltage

Most Inverter batteries have a voltage of 12V. Here is how many amp hour Battery you need to power a 200W device for 6 hours run:

                                     Ah = 1200W / 12V = 100 Ah

This means you will need a battery with at least 100 AH (amp-hours).

We hope this helps clarify some things about what size battery do you needed (in amp hours). If you have any question, just use the comment below or visit our YouTube Channel “Electrical Learner” and we’ll try to help you out with the calculations. Thank You !

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