Luminous Inverter Troubleshooting.

Luminous Zelio+ 1100/1700 and Zolt+ 1100/1700 all types of Troubleshooting Problem that of the might occur.

Protection Features.

Luminous Zelio+ sine wave inverter is prepared with many in-constructed protections, which might be as follows:(respective indication is display at the display).

1) Shot circuit: Protects against short circuit in the system.
2) Overload: Prevents both UPS and Battery from damge during and Overload condition.
3) Wrong Wiring: Protects the system in case of wrong wiring connected at the output.
4) Over-Temperature: Prevents burn-outs due to excessive heating by shutting down the Inverter in case of high temperature.
5) Battery deep Discharge: Protects Battery from deep discharge & hence enhances life of the battery.

This section provides with Troubleshooting tips to identify and solve most of the common problem that might occur.

ProblemsPossible causesAction Recommended
Mains Sullpy is Norma but..
a) Main indicator is OFF
or UPS is working on Battery.
b) Mains ON indicator is
glowing but on output.
/Line plug is loose 
/Dead wall socket
/MCB Trip   
/Mains input too low or High 
/Fit plug properly
/Check socket
/Check MCB
/Wait for mains to normalise
/Fit plug properly
If the display is showing
Battery Low(Lbt).
/Battery may be discharged./Recharge Battery when mains is
If the display is showing
/Inverter tripped due to
excess load.
/Reduce the load and reset the
power switch
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