What is the Difference between Regulated and Unregulated Power

What is the difference between regulated and unregulated power supply In UPS/Inverter?

Regulated (UPS) Mode:– Normally Switch should be kept in this mode while computer has to be run as this will ensure regulated voltage input of 180V to 260V which is suitable for most of the computers . If the input voltage goes beyond this limit , UPS will run on battery and will restore its operation in Mains mode on restoration of normal Mains.

Unregulated UPS Mode:- This mode can be used in case of computers having in built regulation mechanism or externally connected automatic voltage regulator to take care of wide input voltage fluctuation of 100V to 285V for 2-3.5-4KVA and 140V to 285V for 5.2KVA .

May be You understand difference between regulated and unregulated ups mode which one mostly use in Luminous inverter regulated and unregulated mode. You can visit also my YouTube Channel.

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