Luminous Eco Volt Neo 1250 User Manual PDF

Luminous Eco Volt Neo 1250 User Manual PDF

Welcome to the ever-increasing family of satisfied LUMINOUS users. All LUMINOUS products like the one you have just purchased undergo a stringent quality check. This instrument provides clean & reliable power to your home, office and commercial establishments and protects them from blackouts, etc. this product is designed to provide you an efficient performance with only minimal care and maintenance at your end. This manual will facilitate you to not only understand the basic working of the LUMINOUS device but will also facilitate the ease of its maintenance and use.

Luminous Eco Volt Neo 1250 Sine Wave Inverter Provides Power Backup to loads (Fan, Bulb, TV, Computer, etc).

Normally, the device operates on Mains, supplying power to the load from the utility input. The battery charger uses Mains power to keep the battery at an optimal level. When the power fails, the device transfers the load to the battery and converts the battery’s DC power to AC power. The loads operate normally until the battery is exhausted. The load is automatically transferred back to the utility when the normal Mains get restored. ElectricsMart

SAFETY GUIDELINES please go through these guidelines before connecting the device.

Always connect the device to a 230V, 10A/16A, 3 Pin type Mains socket with earthing. The socket must be connected to appropriately protected branch of the Mains (fuse/circuit breaker). Connection to any other type of socket may result in a shock hazard. Kindly ensure that ELCB/RCCB is not connected at either input or output.

To Switch off the device output, in an emergency, use the switch on the front panel to switch the device off and disconnect the power cord from the Mains & remove at least one battery connector.

Foreign particles and water must be avoided for the device. Always ensure that no objects containing a liquid are ever kept near the unit.

Avoid Installing the device in an excessively humid place or where there is water. Care must be taken to ensure that the device is kept away from heat emitting appliances such as a heater, blower, oven etc. The unit must also be placed in a manner that it avoids exposure to direct sunlight. The place of installation should be well-ventilated and easily accessible for servicing.

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